Taken with the 27th pick

By Jared Stanger

Welcome to draft season. I don’t have time for bullshit. Seahawks are now officially drafting at #27 overall. This year we need the Liam Neeson draft. We need players with a very particular set of skills. Skills they have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make them a nightmare for people like Aaron Rodgers. If you draft these players now, that will be the end of it. But if you don’t, I will look for your burner account, I will find you, and I will troll you.

#1.27- OLB/DE, Michigan, Josh Uche

I’ve been consistent this year in my belief that Seattle draft a replacement for Mychal Kendricks, but in a guy that is a better pass-rusher as well. Assuming the OT board falls away from Seattle, I think you make this pick earlier than later.

#59- DT, Utah, Leki Fotu

There were a few times this year the Seahawk performance took noticeable dips after losing players to injury and/or suspension. One was arguably the loss of Al Woods. Fotu should lock down the opposing run-game and allow passrush improvement to trickle out to the DE’s.

#63- RB, Utah, Zack Moss

Speaking of the team’s performance falling off…I think the team became so much worse after the loss of Chris Carson, on the heels of losing Rashaad Penny. A legitimate RB allows Russell to play more efficient football, carry less of the burden. Unfortunately, this isn’t a great year for RB’s, so there needs to be some level of reach to get one that could carry RB1 duties, if needed.

#100- OG, Kentucky, Logan Stenberg

With the OT board dried up, and Seattle losing Iupati to free agency, there is honestly room for the team to add OL help at multiple positions. Stenberg is gonna be a tone-setter at LG.

#131- DB, SIU, Jeremy Chinn

I don’t have a great argument for the fit on drafting Chinn, I just think he’s a great value at current projection, and I’ll find out where to play him later.

#141- OT, UConn, Matt Peart

Logistically, I’d like to draft a WR here, but superstitiously I won’t allow myself to do it. Peart is the best RT I can find after the first round. He’s got prototypical size, decent athleticism, and he’s not Ifedi.

#168- WR, Florida, Van Jefferson

Personally, I think Jefferson will eventually be picked before this spot, but with the depth of WR this year it is the best position to push down your board. If not Jefferson, find someone else at WR at this point.

#211- CB, Iowa, Michael Ojemudia

I have a shortlist of CB that fit certain criteria of tape, size, and projection: Ojemudia, Reggie Robinson, Madre Harper, Will Sunderland. Ojemudia seems the least likely to fall this far due to his Power 5 school. A small-school guy is more probable.

#245- TE, Michigan, Sean McKeon

I just want a TE that can block and not drop passes. Is that so hard? This isn’t a great year to find that, but McKeon has shown flashes. I’ll be monitoring Senior Bowl practice especially close for TE’s.

Final draft:

OLB Josh Uche
DT Leki Fotu
RB Zack Moss
OG Logan Stenberg
DB Jeremy Chinn
OT Matt Peart
WR Van Jefferson
CB Michael Ojemudia
TE Sean McKeon