The Carroll Code 2018

By Jared Stanger

Once again this year, Pete Carroll took to twitter in the minutes before the NFL Draft to give clues to who Seattle would be drafting. This is the way I decipher what they meant.

I don’t know for sure that this was intended to be a clue or just to tease the clues, but I’ll include it.

The two big connections are “Will Ferrell” representing WILL Dissly, and the scene coming from “Old School” referring to Carroll’s old school: USC, meaning Rasheem Green.

I want to emphasize that this one might not even be a clue.

This was the first official clue:

My first thought for that was that it might be a monkey “Nick-ing” a hubcap…so Nick cHUBb. Then I remembered…

I have developed a working theory that the Seahawks don’t invite their 1A players to the VMAC. So Rasheem Green would not be the 1A guy they wanted. It might have been Sam Hubbard who was drafted by Cincinnati at #77…two picks before Seattle drafted Green, and one pick after Seattle traded back from #76.

Clue #2:

This is by far the most abstract clue he gave. My conclusion came down to this:

So the complete connection there is: San Diego State Aztec INDIAN Rashaad Penny.

Clue #3:

I saw two themes with this. The first is that Kevin Hart is from Philadelphia which is where Temple University is located. The second is that the quote, “alright, alright, alright” is more famously the catchphrase of Matthew McConaughey who went to Texas. This would put either Jacob Martin or Michael Dickson in play.

Clue #4:

That immediately seemed it had to be Shaquem “Shaq” Griffin.

Enough said.

Clue #5:

Another really tough one. My first thought was that “Mike Tyson” is representing Michael Dickson. But maybe it has something to do with the guy standing in the corner, a guy moving in the corner, moving to corner? In my biggest stretch, let’s say this is for Tre Flowers, the OkState Safety that will be moved to Corner.

Clue #6:

There wasn’t a lot to go on here. The green suit might mean a player or team with Green in the name. Or that it would be a player from a team with a cat as the mascot (Cincinnati Bearcats, etc.). Alex McGough comes from the FIU Panthers.

Clue #7:

A second clue from Kevin Hart and this time it doesn’t have the McConaughey crossover. It had to be someone from Temple.

Jacob Martin.

Clue #8:

This clue I actually somehow missed on Thursday night. It’s a scene from “White Men Can’t Jump”. The movie is sort of famous for the trash-talking, and that could mean “disses”, which means Will Dissly.
Clue #1: Sam Hubbard, drafted 2 picks before Rasheem Green
Clue #2: Rashaad Penny, from the Aztec Indians
Clue #3: Michael Dickson, from Texas
Clue #4: Shaquem Griffin, aka “Shaq”
Clue #5: Tre Flowers, who is being moved to the corner
Clue #6: Alex McGough, from the Panthers
Clue #7: Jacob Martin, from Temple
Clue #8: Will Dissly, for being a white guy that didn’t post great combine jumps

I tend to think that these clues are chosen with more than one player in mind, but both of whom are on Seattle’s shortlist. So there is some flexibility if they miss on a guy (if they don’t get Penny, they probably go Chubb, etc.), but ultimately the clues are legitimate clues.

Which means that Pete is kinda nuts, but also hangs some huge brass balls.