Summer Playlist

By Jared Stanger

Late last week I was at work when a song I recognized came on a coworker’s radio. It was “Sweet Disaster” from Dreamers. I had heard that song back in July 2016 and thought it sounded like a really commercial, radio-friendly song (props for the Clerks-esque video).

Actually, let’s go further back. If you don’t know, prior to doing Seahawks and draft stuff I worked in Seattle radio for about 10 years. Most notably I worked at 1077 The End on-air and behind the scenes as the Assistant Music Director. I like to think I was the Scott Fitterer of the Seattle franchise in the NARL (National Alternative Radio League). I was scouting bands and ACTUALLY having input in the station’s playlist (as opposed to football scouting, which is just a hobby). Sidenote: I was pretty good at A&R, too.

Anyways…I mentioned on Twitter how radio is constantly 6-12 months behind on new music (especially from new bands), and a few people were curious what I would recommend today that might break through 6-12 months from now.

Full disclosure: I don’t keep up on music anymore. In my mind, radio is symbolically like an ex-girlfriend. I was fully invested in her for so many years…we didn’t have a smooth break-up…I wish her the best, but I don’t really want to know a ton of details of her new life and new relationships. Plus, I’m really committed to football now.

So to give an answer to twitter followers that is fully researched would take a while. What I did instead was listen to (literally and exactly) 100 of the newest singles from an alternative radio website I used to use. Having no background on any of these bands is not entirely a bad thing, cause I’m a fan of the Pepsi-challenge and I’m able to just judge on the merits of the songs themselves.

I don’t know which, if any, of these songs are already known and getting spins. Some are probably already 6 months old. Like I said; I’m catching up in one day from the last time I did this 10 months ago. For people that are consistently invested in music – listening to KEXP or going to festivals regularly – this is not breaking news. But none of this list are songs I’ve HEARD getting spins commercially (yet).

Total derivative of Churches “Mother We Share”, but it’s pretty well done:

Not actually the single from Vinyl Theatre, but I found the full-length and liked this one better:

This one is older, but gotta have some reggae for the summer:

Reminds me of Of Monsters and Men, or the Canadian group Stars:

I wish the singer had a stronger voice, but the groove is too good:

Found this one stuck in my head the day after I first listened to it:

Like Queen had a baby with Ok Go:

This one is like classic Lemonheads:

Black Keys frontman solo track reminds me of the Travelling Wilburys or Tom Petty. I haven’t placed the exact song:

I’ve heard of this band before, but I hadn’t heard this song. At the very least soundtrack for a commercial:

Less of a radio song and more of a song for a cool movie soundtrack:


There ya go. Out of 100 songs, I narrowed it down to 12 songs for the 12’s. (And asterisk for the new Papa Roach single “Help”. Their reputation precedes them, I have no idea how active rock radio will handle them currently, and I totally understand you bristling at this suggestion; but that song is a smash.)

Happy listening!!